Luc Didier

Born in 1954 in Goelzin (Nord) near Douai, Luc Didier is a most extraordinary self-taught artist, a professional since the age of 22. At this early age, his works were shown in several painting salons in Paris, including the prestigious Les Independants.

Didier had his first private exposition in a gallery in 1978 (Mee Sur Seine). The following year, he completed a major collection of work and held an exposition of 65 paintings whose theme was “La Provence” at the Galerie de Belle Epine. Since then, Didier has had showings in Germany, Switzerland, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Most recently, he has been exclusively represented at the Mann Gallery in New Orleans.

Today, Didier still travels and explores the most magnificent regions of France. He sets his easel to create and interpret the natural beauty in his own style. He paints from nature in a clear, readable language.

One senses the power of a draughtsman first, the brushwork and interpretation of the impressionist and the clear, calm generosity of an incomparable artist.

It is for us to look – and look again– at the works of this exceptional artist.