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Desktop and Inkwells

Antique "Boulle" Inkwell Exceptional Quality Bronze and Tortoise Shell Inkwell

Antique 19th Century French Green Marble and Ormolu Ink Stand.

Antique American Cambridge Glass Candy Dish, Circa 1920's.

Antique Brass Ostrich Inkwell circa 1850-1870

Antique Carved Amethyst Quartz Small Parfumerie Urn.

Antique Classical French Ormolu Letter Opener

Antique English 19th Century Coromander Writer's "Compendium" Letter Box

Antique English Brass Desk Blotter

Antique English Brass Dinner Bell with Ebonized Handle.

Antique English Brass Double Ink Stand, circa 1880

Antique English Brass Horseman's Desk Pen and Ink Circa 1880

Antique English Brass, Cobalt and Porcelain Inkwell

Antique English Bronze D'ore and Inlaid Tortoise Inkstand

Antique English Burl Walnut Brass Mounted Lap Desk circa 1870

Antique English Burl Walnut Inkwell with Letter Box

Antique English Burled Black Walnut and Brass Mount Box circa 1860

Antique English Crystal & Sterling Silver Inkwell Signed "Samuel Jacob" Ca 1895

Antique English Desk Set

Antique English Exceptional Lacquer Mother-of-Pearl Travel Desk, circa 1860-1870

Antique English Golden Oak Inkwell, circa 1880

Antique English Hallmarked Sterling Silver & Crystal Clock Inkwell, Circa 1900

Antique English Mahogany Inkwell Set

Antique English Oak and Brass Postal Scale circa 1890

Antique English Oak Postal Scale circa 1860

Antique English Ormolu and Malachite Inkwell, Circa 1860-1880.

Antique English Regency Pen Holder with Brass Mounts

Antique English Sterling Silver Inkstand Circa 1842

Antique English Sterling Silver Inkwell Set

Antique English Sterling Silver Victorian Inkstand

Antique English Trophy Horn Desk Inkwell circa 1880

Antique English Victorian Brass Desk Bell, Circa 1880's.

Antique English Victorian Brass Desk Bell, Circa 1880-1890.

Antique English Victorian Era Golden Oak and Brass Letter Rack, circa 1880

Antique English Victorian Inkstand and Pen Holder circa 1880

Antique French 19th Century "Vieux Paris" Jacob Petit Inkwell

Antique French Bronze & Copper Letter Rack by Famous Fondeur to Napoleon III

Antique French Cloisonné Enamel & Gold Bronze 7 Piece Inkwell Desk Set, Ca. 1890

Antique French Empire Cut Crystal and Gold Bronze Inkwell, Circa 1880.

Antique French Ernier 19th Century Inkstand

Antique French Gold Bronze & Green Marble Inkwell Signed "A.Marionnet"

Antique French Gold Bronze, Hand-Painted Porcelain & Lacquer Inkwell, Circa 1870

Antique French Jeweled Enamel "Vide Poche" circa 1855-75

Antique French Louis XIV Bronze D'ore Inkwell

Antique French Marble and Bronze Inkstand circa 1890

Antique French Old Paris Porcelain & Gold Bronze Inkwell, Circa 1840.

Antique French Ormolu and Cloisonne Inkwell circa 1870-1880

Antique French Ormolu and Crystal Inkwell circa 1880

Antique French Ormolu Bronze Desk Set

Antique French Sevres Ormolu Mounted Inkwell

Antique Green Marble & Gold Bronze 4 Piece Desk Set, Circa 1875-85.

Antique Museum Quality Lacquered Mother of Pearl Writing Slope c. 1850-60

Antique Victorian Era Ormolu Desk Set with Mosaic Inlay

Antique Victorian Sterling Silver Inkstand circa 1870

Large Antique English Rosewood Easel, Circa 1900.

Magnificant Antique English Double Brass Inkwell

Pair of Antique Victorian Brass Desk Set c.1880-1890

Rare Antique Amethyst Carved Chinese 18th Century Inkwell












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