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Urns and Vases

Antique 19th Century Chinoiserie Overlay Porcelain Vase

Antique 19th Century German Moser Glass Bud Vase with Gold Overlay, Circa 1885

Antique 19th Century German Moser Glass Bud Vase with Gold Overlay, Circa 1885

Antique Austrian Porcelain Urn & Cover with Portrait by Thomas Gainsborough

Antique Chinese Carved Lovely Brown Agate on Teak Base circa 1840-1850

Antique English Cobalt Blue & Gold Porcelain Enameled Moon Vase, Circa 1880's

Antique English Ironstone Vase and Cover, circa 1840-1860

Antique French Cobalt Blue & Gold Sèvres Porcelain Vase, circa 1860-1880

Antique French Faience Enameled Urn, circa 1900-1910

Antique German Moser Cut Glass Bud Vase with Gold Leaf Details, Circa 1880's

Antique Italian 19th Century Cassoulet/Olive Urn

Antique Spectacular 19th Century Japanese Multi-Bronze Temple Urn.

Original Estate Portugese Garden Urn, Circa 1950's.

Pair Antique 19th Century English Mahogany Cutlery Urns / Knife Boxes Circa 1890

Pair Antique 19th Century Italian "Majolica" Porcelain Urns Mythological Scenes

Pair Antique 19th Century Satsuma Japanese Urns

Pair Antique Dresden Urns with Tops circa 1875-1885

Pair Antique English Ironstone Urns and Tops

Pair Antique English Mahogany Knife & Fork Cutlery Urns / Boxes, Circa 1910-1920

Pair Antique French 19th Century Neoclassical Bronze Urns

Pair Antique French Majolica Porcelain Multi-Colored Urns, Circa 1890

Pair Antique French Mid 19th Century Marble and Bronze Cassoulets

Pair Antique French Napoleon III Sèvres Porcelain & Gold Bronze Urns Circa 1890s

Pair Antique Japanese Bronze Vases, circa 1875-1895

Pair Antique Japanese Double Gourd Shaped Satsuma Porcelain Bottle Urns

Pair Antique Japanese Imari Urns Fluted Design circa 1890

Pair Antique Japanese Kutani Vases circa 1870

Pair Antique Late 19th Century Porcelain Covered Jars with "Dresden" Marks

Pair Grand Scale Antique Chinese Elaborately Carved Cinnabar Vases, circa 1920

Pair Magnificent Antique Louis XV French Cobalt Urns with Ormolu Mounts

Pair of Antique "Samson" 19th Century Tulip Vases circa 1860

Pair of Antique 19th Century Chinese Urns

Pair of Antique 19th Century Japanese Bronze Braziers circa 1870-1880

Pair of Antique 19th Century Japanese Bronze Urns

Pair of Antique Bayeux Porcelain Urns and Tops 19th Century

Pair of Antique French Bronze Mounted Marble Cassoulets circa 1840

Pair of Antique French Faience Urns circa 1880

Pair of Antique French Opaline Glass Urns circa 1910

Pair of Antique Hand Painted 19th Century "Augustus Rex" Vases

Pair of Antique Temple Urns Chinese Rare Coloring 19th Century












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