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Copper and Brass

Antique 18th Century Carved Walnut Lavabo Stand Original

Antique 19th Century Embossed Copper and Brass Gun Powder Flask

Antique Aesthetic Movement Copper Coal Container circa 1890

Antique Art Nouveau Copper and Brass Coal Bucket

Antique Brass "Charles Heidsieck" Champagne Bucket circa 1910-20

Antique Brass Planter circa 1900

Antique British Medical Sterilizer with Original Burner, Circa 1890

Antique Coal Hod circa 1870

Antique Copper and Brass Tankard, Circa 1890

Antique Copper and Brass Watering Can

Antique Copper and Brass Watering Can circa 1890

Antique Copper Samovar with Original Interior

Antique Early 19th Century Brass Bank Unusual Design

Antique Early 19th Century Brass Coal Bucket circa 1820

Antique Early 19th Century Copper Strainer or "Skimmer"

Antique English 19th Century Brass Lined Bucket.

Antique English 19th Century Copper Watering Can circa 1870

Antique English Brass Bamboo Planter, Circa 1890

Antique English Brass Chamber Stick circa 1860

Antique English Brass Desk Bell circa 1880

Antique English Brass Dinner Bell

Antique English Brass Mortar and Pestle circa 1960

Antique English Brass Skimmer circa 1840

Antique English Brass Tea Kettle on Stand circa 1880

Antique English Copper and Brass Hot Water Kettle

Antique English Copper Repousse Chest circa 1880

Antique English Early 19th Century Copper Coal Shuttle and Shovel

Antique English Oak and Brass Postal Scale

Antique English Polished Copper Tea Pot circa 1880

Antique English Postal Scale Oak and Brass "Moldan and Co."

Antique English Steel and Brass Coffee Mill, Circa 1860.

Antique English Victorian Brass Dinner Bell, Circa 1880

Antique French 19th Century Bronze

Antique French Copper and Iron Early 19th Century Cauldron

Antique French Copper Lavabo Oak Panel circa 1890

Antique French Copper Pot

Antique French Copper Pot

Antique French Hand-hammered Copper Roasting Pan circa 1880

Antique French Repousse Brass Port Dispenser circa 1885-1895

Antique French Repousse Copper Wine Pickers Basket

Antique Quilted Copper and Brass Tea Kettle circa 1880

Antique Repousse Copper Bowl

Antique Victorian Copper and Brass Tea Kettle on Stand

English Brass Horseshoe Door Knocker.

European Copper and Iron Jug

Pair Antique 19th Century English Etched Portraits in Brass

Pair Antique Copper Ship's Light Sconces Made in Denmark

Pair Antique French Coopered Wine Jugs circa 1890

World War I Artillery Shell Vase












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