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Antique 18th Century Wool Holder and Thread Box

Antique 19th Century French Provincial Salt Box

Antique 19th Century Swiss Rosewood Music Box

Antique Anglo- Indian Games Box Rosewood Mother of Pearl Inlay

Antique Briar Wood Game Box Fitted with Markers and Cards circa 1870-1880

Antique Burl Walnut Writing Box

Antique Capo Di Monte Jewel Box circa 1880s

Antique Chinese Carved Laquer Cinnabar Box and Cover circa 1900

Antique Chinoiserie Jewel Box circa 1880

Antique Continental Silver Magnificent Jewel Box Hallmarked circa 1880

Antique Coromandel Wood Traveling Games Box

Antique Crystal-Cut French Jewel Box, circa 1890- 1900

Antique Enamel Jewel Box circa 1890-1900

Antique Enamel Jewel Box with Amethyst Medallion circa 1890 - 1900

Antique English 19th century Tea Caddy Sheffield Silver Trim

Antique English Arts and Crafts Brass Wood Box circa 1890

Antique English Biedermeier Style Mahogany Jewel Box

Antique English Brass Candle Box Circa 1840

Antique English Brass Mounted Games Set Box Inset with Colorful Enamels, Ca 1890

Antique English Brass-Mounted Rosewood Complete Apothecary Case, Circa 1880

Antique English Burl Walnut Scent Caddy circa 1870

Antique English Burled Walnut Box circa 1860

Antique English Burled Walnut Letter Box, Circa 1870

Antique English Coromandel Fitted Traveler's Box Compendium, Circa 1850-1860

Antique English Coromandel Wood and Wedgwood Inset Letter Box circa 1880

Antique English Coromander Wood

Antique English Coromander Writing Box circa 1860

Antique English Cribbage and Cards Box

Antique English Early Victorian Heavy Steel & Brass Lock Box, Circa 1840.

Antique English Fitted Vanity Travel Box

Antique English Games Box 19th Century Rare Burl with Sterling Silver

Antique English Georgian Mahogany Knife Box circa 1800-1820

Antique English Golden Oak Horseshoe Box circa 1880

Antique English Mahogany and Brass Signed Games Box Compendium, Circa 1880

Antique English Mahogany Brass Mounted Fitted Jewel Box

Antique English Mahogany Jewel Box circa 1860-1870

Antique English Mahogany with Brass Mounts Footed Jewel Box, Circa 1860.

Antique English Regency Brass Inlaid Mahogany Writing Box circa 1830

Antique English Regency Period Rosewood Inlaid Box, Circa 1820.

Antique English Regency Rosewood Travelling Lap Desk Box, Circa 1830

Antique English Rosewood Jewel Box, Circa 1900.

Antique English Rosewood Mother of Pearl Cribbage Box

Antique English Sewing or Jewel Box

Antique English Sheffield Silver Footed Jewel Box, Circa 1890.

Antique English Silver Plate Biscuit Box, circa 1880

Antique English Silver Plate Double Biscuit Box

Antique English Walnut Box with Brass Mounts, circa 1870

Antique English Walnut Box with Exotic Wood Inlay, Intricate Design, circa 1880

Antique English Walnut Miniature Chest or Jewel Box, Circa 1890's.

Antique English Wedgwood & Sheffield Silver Mounted Jewel Box, Circa 1880.

Antique Exquisite Quality Gold Bronze Jewel Box with Mosaics

Antique French Blue & Gold Sevres Porcelain Napoleon Painted Box, Circa 1890.

Antique French Cobalt & Delicate Gold Bronze "Lacework" Jewelry Box, Circa 1870

Antique French Cut Crystal and Gold Bronze Box, Circa 1890.

Antique French Delicate Crystal and "Blom Plom" Napoleon III Jewel Box

Antique French Enamel Ormolu Jewel Box circa 1850-1870

Antique French Gold Bronze Mounted Green & White Porcelain Jewel Box, Circa 1900

Antique French Inlaid Jewel Box Napoleon III circa 1880

Antique French Jewel Box with Malachite Top, circa 1880-1890

Antique French Jeweled Enamel Box circa 1870

Antique French Jeweled Enamel Box circa 1870

Antique French Kingwood Jewel Box circa 1820-1840

Antique French Museum Quality Inlaid Travel Box

Antique French Napoleon III Cut Crystal & Bronze D'ore "Fan Box" circa 1870-1880

Antique French Ormolu Cut Crystal Jewel Box circa 1890

Antique French Parisian Cut Crystal & Ormolu Mounted Jewel Box, circa 1890s

Antique French Satinwood Inlaid Games Box, circa 1855-1875

Antique French Sevres Porcelain Cobalt Blue & Gold Box, Circa 1900.

Antique French Wall Mirror & Jewel Box with Beveling and Gold-Leaf, circa 1890

Antique German Dresden Porcelain Box with Delicate Painting, Circa 1860-1870.

Antique Glass Dish and Cover circa 1910-1920

Antique Gold Bronze Jewel Box with Mosaics circa 1880

Antique Inlaid Wood and Mother of Pearl Fitted Box

Antique Late 19th Century German Pottery Hand-Painted Covered Hen & Nest

Antique Mahogany Fitted Box circa 1875-1885

Antique Old English Tobacco Box

Antique Perfume Caddy circa 1875

Antique Rare English Book-Shaped Sheffield Silver Humidor circa 1885

Antique Rosewood Mother of Pearl Inlay "Glove Box", circa 1860

Antique Russian Silver Cigar Case, 1890s

Antique Swiss Music Box, circa 1890

Antique Victorian Tole Coal Box (re-painted)

Antique Walnut Jewel Box circa 1850-1860

Magnificent Continental Silver Mounted Briarwood Gaming set

Pair Antique 19th Century English Mahogany Cutlery Urns / Knife Boxes Circa 1890

Pair Antique English George III Mahogany Cutlery or Knife Boxes, Circa 1820-1830

Pair Antique English Mahogany Knife & Fork Cutlery Urns / Boxes, Circa 1910-1920

Pair Antique English Mahogany Knife Boxes, Circa 1840

Rare Antique English Mahogany Brass Bound Travel Box, Circa 1800

Rare Antique French Jewel Box circa 1860












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